Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO)


A business friendly and accommodating environment, using technologically advanced system to immediately address the requests of different agencies and patrons and to provide timely and efficient service to business permit applicants.


An office that can accommodate ample number of clients especially during Business-One-Stop-Shop (BOSS) and a System developed with the latest State-of- the-Art technology.

Organizational Chart

Functional Statement

1. Conduct inspection and surveillance on all kinds of business establishments operating within the municipality through the Joint Inspectorate Team (JIT),

2. Facilitate the issuance/processing of Business/Mayor’s Permits,

3. Assess Business/Mayor’s Permit fees based on the existing Municipal Ordinance (the Local Revenue Code),

4. Update and maintain records (database record) on the list of registered business establishments,

5. Coordinate with the Treasury Officials regarding payment of business taxes and fees & charges,

6. Monitor and enforce existing laws, ordinances, policies, rules and regulations in the operations of businesses in the municipality,

7. Undertake intensive campaign against illegal business operations,

8. Send demand letters to delinquent business operators/owners and file cases with the appropriate courts for violation of tax laws and ordinances,

9. Recommend, facilitate and draft necessary systems and measures to the Sangguniang Bayan to generate more revenues due to the municipality.

On-going Programs/Activities

• Establishment of Business One-Stop Shop, during the first working day of January up to the last working day of the same month or can be extended up to February 15 every year (Municipal Ordinance No. 38 Series of 2002),
• Inspection and surveillance of business establishments,
• Validate, assess taxes, fees, & charges of applicants and recommend the same to the LCE for approval and printing of Mayor’s Permit.


• Quarterly BPLS Compliance Monitoring Report,
• Annual participation on the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) of DILG,
• Annual participation on the National Competitiveness Index re: Government Efficiency, Economic Dynamism, Infrastructure, and Resiliency– DTI/NCC.

Citizen's Charter


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